electric vs acoustic drumsOne of the more mission critical components to any good band – and the baseline for every one of your favorite songs, and everyone’s favorite songs throughout history – it would be next to impossible to imagine music without drums.


That being said, there are two distinct different categories of drums that major professional musicians and amateurs alike are able to create innovative and exciting sounds out of.


The only problem is that most people fall into a fiercely loyal style of drums – either acoustic or electric – and are unable to see the differences and advantages that the other side brings to the table.

Electric drums


Roland v DrumsAnd while you’ll absolutely be able to hear the difference between an acoustic drum and in electric drum, people have found that they prefer one or the other almost exclusively. Electric jumps are capable of some of the more interesting and modern sounds, helping to produce a superpowered bass background for all of the latest and greatest pop hits.




Acoustic drums

5 piece drum setThat being said, there truly is nothing better to the ears of professional musicians and traditionalists alike than the crack and bump of an acoustic drum. This is the kind of super natural sound you’re used to hearing on old-school rock records, throughout live shows all over in small venues, and on the backs of slow jams and fast-paced hits over the decades.


There is just this sweet spot you can punch on each and every acoustic drum that gets the absolute most out of the construction of the instrument, giving it one of the more truly elemental sounds you’ve ever heard.


Because they are completely naked and exposed, acoustic drums have to be made from the very best materials and created by world-class craftsman for you to be able to enjoy the almost ethereal sounds that come from these instruments.


Even just the smallest imperfection, crack, snap, ordaining can throw off the entire sound profile of an acoustic drum, something you’ll never have to worry about when you are rocking electric instruments.




Whether or not you’re deciding to move forward with a set of electric drums or acoustic drums, understand that each will produce a truly unique and totally different experience and sound. The best bet for picking the perfect instrument for your specific skill level, sound you’re after, and budget would be to actually play the different instruments all on your own giving you a good feel for what they are really all about.



There is a bit of a battle between acoustic vs. electric drums, but you’ll be the deciding factor when it comes to your own investment.




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